Model No.︰M9-26
Brand Name︰linyi fan
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 26500 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
Purpose and characteristics of the fan
ModelM 9-26 centrifugal fan is generally used for forging furnace and high pressure forced ventilation, widely used for materiel delivery and suitable to delivery air and gas of non-corrosion, non self-burn and free of viscous material. The temperature of the delivered medium shall normally not exceed 250℃ (not exceed 300℃ maximum), the dust contained in the medium and hard-fine particle shall not be bigger than 150mg/m3. This series of fans in addition to the above characteristics, but also has high efficiency, low noise, large flow adjustment range, flat performance curve and so on. Fan three high degree of versatility, good versatility, wide range of application.
Type of fan
1. The fan is made as a single suction and its driving is A type. There are more than 20 types of fan numbers which are 3、3.15、4、4.5、5、5.6、6.3、7.1、8、9、10、11.2、12、12.5、14、16、18、and 20.
2. The fan can be made of 2 types of rotation i.e, right and left. Viewing from one end of the motor, it is called as clock-wise fan if the impeller rotates clock-wise, shown as “right”, On the contrary, it is called as counter-clock-wise fan if the impeller rotates counter-clock-wise, shown as “left”.
3. The outlet position of the fan can be expressed from the outlet angle of the casing. It can be made 7 kinds of angles which are 0°, 45°,90°, 135°,180°,225°, 270°,from both “Right” and “left”.
4. There are 4 driving modes: A,B, C, D:
A—Shaft disc of fan is installed on motor shaft by keyway, i.e. motor directly connecting;
B—Cantilever bearing unit, belt driving, pulley is in the middle of two bearings;
C—Cantilever bearing unit, belt driving, but the pulley is outside the bearing;
D—Cantilever bearing unit, coupling directly driving.
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